Pitney Bowes Spectrum: Future-Proofing MDM, by Julie Hunt

“Data is the most valuable asset of any business and is the foundation for building lifetime customer relationships.” Which means that accuracy of the data is mission critical to building strong healthy relationships with customers. Julie Hunt’s blog post on Hub Design Magazine  “Pitney Bowes Spectrum Future Proofing” provides keen insight to how a 93-year-old company uses master data management to innovate for the future.


Hub Designs Magazine

A briefing by Pitney Bowes Software for the Hub Designs MDM Think Tank

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David Linthicum’s Data Integration Predictions for 2013

David Linthicum recently made 3 Data Integration Predictions for 2013 in his blog post on Pervasive Data Integration blog.  As a CEO whose business it is to help IT organizations get the most our their data, I concur with Linthicum’s predictions.

Whether you’re tired of hearing about “Big Data” or not, it’s here to stay. And the data will only get bigger and more complex. That means companies have to create business processes as well as IT processes that enable them to manage and integrate that data as it grows. Otherwise, far too much of the organizations resources will be spent on trying to manage the unmanageable  and not on their core business.

With government requirements for healthcare organizations to convert their data from flat files to 837 EDI files and corporations looking to increase their “Business Intelligence” (BI) for better decision-making, the Cloud will continue to drive IT teams to integrate data that’s on premise to the cloud. We see many customers moving to a hybrid combination of Cloud and on-premise. As Linthicum says, “It’s a certainty that data integration will become more important as the years progress.”


Pervasive Data Integrator – Using Macro Definition Variables, Video Demo Part 1

Want to learn more about how to use macro definition variables Pervasive Data Integrator? Emprise Technologies has created a 2 part video demo for developers using DI. This video is part 1 of the demo for using macro definition variables. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Emprise Technologies YouTube channel to receive more informational videos from us. We’ll post the 2nd video shortly.